Day 3: 586 miles and three states

Day 3: 586 miles and three states

Today we drove from Amarillo, Texas, on through Oklahoma, and into Arkansas.  That brings our grand total of miles covered to a whopping 1,669!!  That’s a teeny bit over halfway to our destination.  J  I never thought that I would be saying this but, Oklahoma is a beautiful state.  Something about the cows grazing along the highway and the immense green hues just really awed me and my mother.

We stop for lunch at about 1:30 p.m. at a place called Mama E’s Wings and Waffles.  It is on a side road along the outskirts of downtown OKC and has a parking lot about three times the size of the actual building.  We walk in the door and are immediately greeted by a gregarious woman who takes one look at us and states, “Welcome to Mama E’s as featured on the Food Network.  Do y’all want wings and waffles or soul food?”  I promptly reply, “Both!”  She points out the Extremist Meal which includes: three meats, three sides, a dinner roll and dessert; as well as the Wings and Waffle Plate which is a Belgium waffle and wings served with a side and a cup of Kool-Aid.  Our choices are the fried pork chop, fried catfish, and baked chicken for our meats, along with black-eyed peas, collard greens, okra, and sweet potatoes for our sides.  The folks here are very proud of their spot on the Food Network show “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” which is evident by the television set up in the eating area playing the specific episode on a loop.  And they should be.  The food is FANTASTIC.   The collard greens are the best I’ve had and there are chunks of the gelatinous ham hock right in them.  They are cooked enough to be edible yet still somewhat “al dente” and have maintained some of their bitter nature.  The okra is very good as well in its slimy state, rich with more ham flavor.  I am amazed at how perfectly cooked the catfish is even after being heavily battered and deep fried.  Of course, we douse everything in Louisiana Hot Sauce, provided on every table.  The waffle and wings is a beautiful thing.  The waffle is huge and delicious, the wings are enormous and there are four of them.  The kitchen has taken the liberty of dousing everything in melted butter and powdered sugar and we take the cue from the table condiments and do our part with the maple syrup and hot sauce.  Salty, sweet, sour, savory, spicy. . .  So freaking good!

Before we head out I ask one of the cooks where the restroom is and he directs me through the kitchen towards the back and says, “Good luck,” with a nervous laugh.  I see what he means as I step over a bucket of wings soaking in brine, cut greens soaking in water, food containers spilled and long forgotten.  Now I really love this place!  Mama E’s has captured my heart, and my stomach.

We arrive in Little Rock at about 7:00 p.m. and head into North Little Rock to meet up with a girlfriend who has recently relocated here with her boyfriend for work.  This takes us to a spot called The Flying Saucer on President Clinton Avenue of course.  It is a Gastro pub with a selection of over 200 beers and it’s pretty cool.  I had a beer cheese soup made with Newcastle that was pretty good and we all had some Bratwurst as well.  And of course, there were tons of jalapeno in everything.  Spicy in the South!

We are starting to get a little tired of driving. . . Tomorrow it’s onward to Nashville and we have a little bit more time to enjoy that area so it should be a great time!



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    Sounds and looks Delish!

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      It has been!!

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